A Story About A Girl…

I’d like to tell you a story about a girl…


Look at this girl… so happy… so beautiful…


She ate well and had lots of friends from Columbia College Chicago… where she was attending school for a Bachelor’s in Music…


She spent many summer days…


And many summer nights with friends…


She visited family…


Family visited her…


She built a life for herself.

In this time of contentment she decided to change schools and majors. UIC for Psychology presents the girl with a future she dreams of. She had a job she felt solidified in. All was well throughout the land she had claimed as her home. Of course… that was until something dramatic happened.


Now for legality (gag-order)… I cannot divulge what happened, but most of you probably know. Just know that the girl is safe and recovering and trust me… good things came before and through it… but yes it sucked so much… the girl may never feel the same again…


She still had those friends…


and some new friends…

Visits from the fam…


She is loved… And can feel it… through all the delicious foods…


Trust me… the girl you see today and forever will continue to strive for the contentment she feels from being loved and feeling loved and knowing that she loves and is capable of all that jazz.

“We are healed of suffering only by experiencing it in full”

-Marcel Proust


~may your breath always be the way you wish~


getting settled in my new place…

This month on Content w/ Coffee Breath we have a budding Leanne beginning its bloom.

Its been a series of events involving the moving on and moving in that ultimately has shaped me quite a bit.


MOVING DAY; April 1st

It was quite the time. My roommate was all too eager for me to leave so she insisted upon helping me move. She came with me to the U-hual place and laughed as I traversed the city in a 10ft moving truck.

A friend met me at the place of purchase for the bright orange sofa where I realized the physical toll this day would take.

Off to empty my apartment we went, and we picked up another friend and said goodbye to the roommate.

I enjoy my freedom… and my happiness.

Emptying the filled truck resulted in a very deteriorated Leanne and co. Pasta was in order. Afterwards, I said goodbye to start the massive task of unpacking, but not before I  dropped off the rental and walked a good five blocks through the south side to get back to the L. It was certainly a memory.

Solidly I slept, and the day was seen as a massive success and a new chapter’s beginning.


I woke up to the sunrise… Just over the lake it rose, and with it, my hopes for a bettered future.


My mornings begin at 6 am, but my consciousness isn’t fully present until this moment. 8 am and the bus picks me up to carry me through downtown to leave me about three blocks north of my intended destination. By 9 I am in class ‘ready’ to begin my educational experiences.

By heading home everyday to build furniture and clean and tidy, I managed to get mostly settled into my new life. I even set up the electricity… because it was shut off, and no choice did I have.

Even on the bitterly cold days that we are STILL having despite it being April, I am grateful for where I live, and for the life I am blessed by every moment of every day.


I’m grateful to everyone who supports me and loves me. You all mean the entire world will be worth something and for that I am truly happy.

Much love to you and your happy beginnings.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~

Since I’ve been 21…


Since I’ve been 21, I have done a lot. I wasn’t going to write about what I’ve learned, but who wants to hear a list of the good stuff… no one. Not when so many things happened to me that I learned from. Upon my youtube ventures of procrastination, I discovered this video that I highly recommend watching if you enjoy my blog post.


I contracted bronchitis. My work ethic contributed to my schedule being completely full; Class from 9am to 2pm, then off to work till 7pm, and from there, to cat sit for a couple hours before being home before 10pm. Kinda makes you wonder why I didn’t fail all my classes and contract all the illnesses associated with trekking through the cold in the coldest of Chicago’s winter. I mean I did get bronchitis… and my grades were indeed low before the midterms… more of that later. Thanks Molly for tending to your sick friend.

I caught up with friends and partied with the rest. I really do appreciate the people who are currently in my life. They teach me a lot about human behavior and the emotions thereof… also… they’re fun to be around. I appreciate you. Though I don’t rely on you all for much, you’re always there and for that, I am grateful.


I lost weight… I regulated my diet… I helped my skin clear… All of this because I DON’T HAVE INSURANCE. If I didn’t fix my health problems, who would? Don’t worry… I’m getting insurance, but its taking forever. I’m good, I’m just slowly going insane and deteriorating, but its all for the best. Keeps me humble.

I got to know my roommate… IMG_2128

She screamed at me after I asked her to not touch my stuff. Its all good. I’m not obligated to take that sh*t. I’m excited to move out for sure. For more information contact me directly.

I passed all my midterms… barely.  And this was my reward. I take pride in my ability to support the ramen chain, Strings. Remind me again how I lost weight…


I dated… slash am still dating. I’m discovering the type of lover I am and am looking for. Its stuff they teach in schools if your parents are hovering nearby at all times, which is why I’m in college learning this stuff. I’m not pissed about it though. High school me couldn’t handle all this stuff. People are crazy and men are… sometimes boys.


I got a new apartment. **pics to come** I move on the first of April, and I’m so HAPPY. That doesn’t matter to some people though. Because I decided that acquiring shelter was compartmentally VERY important to me, and asked for a half day off from work to sign the lease, I got fired.

I got fired. Its really disappointing that the joy of successfully adulting was overshadowed by getting fired. Its all good though… Lincoln Park is a solid district with lots of potential for employment. Also, my St. Patty’s Day was still nice.


My parents still love me… and each other. Amid all the job searching and apartment prep, my parents came for my spring break. They both furnished my apartment, and let me drag them all over the city to show them why I love this place so much. They enjoyed themselves…. and it was really nice to spend some quality time with my favorite humans.


I’m still eating everything I can. I’m good. Some people can’t understand how, at the end of the day with no job, no boyfriend, no insurance, and a crazy roommate I can still smile… but its because I’ve got a new apartment, my grades are in tact, and my plate is always full.

If you pull any piece of advice from witnessing pieces of my crazy life, take this… Nothing is the end of you… no trauma is the end of you. Keep going. Keep driving yourself towards your goals or you’ll never realize anything… you’ll just wallow in the misery of the moment.

Any additional advice can be found here…


Much love to you and your life-living.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~

2017 & A New Beginning

2017 was a lovely year. My heart is full looking back at the photographical journey I have taken through this year and the people who have touched my heart forever. I made A LOT of moves in 2017, and I believe that 2018 will take me to places I have been wishing to go.

I grew a lot closer to my best friends that will love me and be loved by me forever.

And I added a few more people to my list of cherished souls.



I went places with people I love.



I moved to Chicago!


Since I’ve been in Chicago I’ve done quite a bit as well… including turn 21.


Pray for my liver…

And I currently have some sort of respiratory infection from this cold city…

2018 is off with a bang.

Much love to you and your health.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


Another Monthly Update

I work a lot… but the little moments in between, they are my moments; When I don’t owe anything to anyone, and yet every minute of my day is spent working for something. Whether it be a job or my personal ambition or eduacation, I am working… and I don’t foresee myself stopping any time soon.





I make a lot of random memories saying yes to random things.



(a remix)

(an original)


I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without people I love always making me feel loved. Even when I’m tired socially and in every other way, my people are there for me making feel like me again. Even on Christmas and Thanksgiving, which I spent without family this year, my phone was flooded with love, and I was in no way alone. I FaceTime people a lot… Like Briana. I FaceTime Briana a lot… and bother her… because I can, and it makes me happy.


(I MISS MY BABY SO MUCH!!!) If you’re in the Chicago area, and you’d like to let me spend a couple hours with your dog, I’d be very pleased.



And don’t worry… I’m not too tired. I’m not insane or anything… yet.

I prefer to be called eccentric. I have something to show for my madness. Products of my mannerisms and odd ticks that give me that edgy artsyness that attach to my brand that I build with each project I work on. If you’re not following my word vomit here…. here’s a nice picture of my chai tea.



Much love to you & your lives.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~

Makin’ moves & bean happy

I’ve been doing a lot of things this semster in terms of accomplishing things and such. Progress itself seems to be the driving force in what I am doing. Despite all that I have yet to accomplish, I am fully appreciative of the life I have lived thus far, and I hope I will never forget to revel in my previous accomplishments that have led me to the now.


I’ve done a couple solo events in that last few weeks that I deem personal successes.


I’ve gone to so many shows this semester, and ever single one of them, I have enjoyed.


I’ve been ice skating… still working on my turns.


Through it all, I have cherished each instance of making a difference in my future. Defining who I am makes me feel as though the world I see is what I choose to see it as… because it is.



As the semester comes to its finish, and the year as well, I say to myself … good job… & goodnight.

Much love to you and your endeavors.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~

Chicago… thus far


I’ve had a fulfilling time in Chicago thus far.

From exploring the city to living in it, I’ve started to really get into the swing of things up here. If I could describe what its like to be in ‘the swing of things’ in a place like this, well… I’d need more coffee.

No, but seriously. This place is a living breathing being with feelings and emotions and every time its upset you can tell by the harsh winds and ever changing amounts of humidity (hint: its always humid).

Aside from the weather’s unpredictability… Its beautiful to behold and to be apart of.

And aside from the weather entirely…. the city itself is beautiful to behold and to be apart of.

The same feeling of when I visited this city back in March still holds on to my heart today. Every time I walk out the door I see something that inspires me. Its true! I wasn’t even planning on making this video, but it was the first snow day, and it was too lovely not to.  The audio is from a lil songwriting session, and let me tell you… the sounds of sirens never cease in this place.

There so much food here man. I’m in love with food, and this city is the perfect place for culinary exploration.

My classes are great. My new friends are great. My life is great. So on and yada yeah dad… I really am doing great. Also, my mother and I talk on the phone daily… so yeah. Its great.

The second week here, my dad said, “You’re doing what you said you would do.” I still am. I am ready for this winter… knock on wood… and I’m ready for three more semesters here. From there, who knows where I’ll go.

Much love to you wherever you are.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~