Benefits of Doing New Stuff

First off, the opinions shared are mainly subjective with sprinklings of objectivity throughout. Basically, take my blog for what its worth; an outward source which you can draw your own conclusions from.

New stuff, though ambiguous, can be highly beneficial. It is important to understand the widespread problem of anxiety in today’s society, whether social anxiety or anxiety in general. One of the most healthy things a person with anxiety can do is to push oneself. Seemingly frightening, pushing comfort zones literally expands the limitations one has placed on oneself. Expand, grow, DO NEW STUFF!

New stuff, in all its ambiguous gloriousness, can range from adding new music onto your playlist to hopping on the road and going to that little coffee shop you’ve been driving past only wishing you could stop at. Just do it! If there is something you’ve been putting off, then what exactly is stopping you from heading over there and giving it a go?

Doing something completely drastic and outrageous to your carefully constructed zone of comfort can completely change your outlook on life itself. The crazy stuff can prove to be the most growth invoking for people with even the slightest of anxieties. Even if the random act of randomness isn’t “your thing”, you can simply file that away as something you’ll never do again and move on to the next odd or out-of-the-ordinary thing to try.

There is no need for a person to not try something at least once…

New stuff can cause you to learn, and one should never settle for less than a learning experience. The moment one stops learning is the moment when one has quit on living in their future. Capping oneself is a rampant problem. If the simple solution of doing of new stuff was more widely acknowledged and practiced, then, maybe, we could solve this apparent limitation that is so commonly overlooked.



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