Aromatics & Bad Breath

Aromatics to the search engine’s calculation are defined as substances or plants emitting a pleasant or distinctive smell. According to my calculation, which is varying in reliability, I relate aromatics to the positive essence one’s soul emits. Bad breath, of course, parallels the bad essence of one’s soul.

As we all know, the breath’s scent is a choice, conscious or otherwise. Breath itself is a choice. Without it one would die, but with it, anything is possible. What one chooses to be with that breath has either positive or negative effects on one’s interior.

The scent of people’s inner-beings seeps into who they are whether they chose to conceal it or fail to do so. The aromatic people are those who seem to be radiating a pleasant and distinctive odor. The people with bad breath are those who emit a foulness from the very core of their beings.

Its sad to say, but sometimes the blessing of coffee breath cannot conceal the fumes which pour from the foulness of bad-breathed souls.

Overall, you can’t conceal the scent of your soul, so choose; aromatics or bad breath?

Do you desire to be distinctive and pleasant with your own personal scent that encourages the passerby to stay, OR do you choose to wallow in stench and cause anyone who ventures near to be overcome with disgust at the odor of your very being?

The way you smell is your choice. (Hint: choose life not bad breath)

The opinions shared in this blog are just that and should be treated as such. This is an outward source which you can digest and develop your own inferences and ideals from. Enjoy…


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