Weekly Eatings

Week of February 21st

This week for me so far has been quite a healthy one… Beignets are rather heathy… With their grain based dough and sweet essence that brings happiness to one’s soul…














After beignets with mon fréré in Lakeland, I decided to go fresh food shopping on Monday. This is the result for Tuesday’s dinner. Creamy yet subtle brie cheese with succulent raspberries and dense foliage also known as spinach all topping a delightful little seed-laced cracker. Between these fulfilling bites, I devoured spiced cheese, and quickly ate another raspberry, brie, and spinach combo to tame the heat. It was a most satisfying meal experience.












On Wednesday morning I chose an oatmeal, added water and milk, and topped with fresh raspberries. My stomach was full, and I could actually focus through my class activity which was sauntering wires of the XLR variety.



In wake of the baking of chicken (thanks mom) I concocted a homemade Alfredo sauce with half & half, parmesan, salt, pepper, and minced garlic. I added spinach and the baked chicken and onions, and smothered linguine with the blessing of the liquified gloriousness.


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