I have never had an issue making friends, but as I have gotten older, I have slowly dwindled the number of people I casually socialize with. This growth period has made me realize that casual social relations are a good thing, healthy even. Going somewhere and chilling with people you vibe with can result in a happier mind-set because everyone feels good when they have friends.

We all want to have friends. Find people around you and hang out with them. Loners aside, people are social beings that seek out the company of others to feel accepted and satisfied with themselves.

I am SO grateful to everyone whom I call friends… I love you people.

New friends and old friends… All friends are friends to befriend.

We all have moments when we don’t want to see a single face, not even our own, but beyond those days, we all crave the attention of others, even in the slightest sense.

Sometimes, friends are closer than they appear. Sometimes all it takes is a text, or a simple question in passing to get the opportunity to just chill with friends.

I am going to be moving away in a few months, so, I am starting to feel sappy, but I have found comfort in the fact that one; I won’t be loosing the friends I have now, and two; I will be gaining even more friends where I am going.

My advice to you: cherish those around you, hangout with your friends, and, most importantly, never forget those you have as you gain more.

As always, this blog is completely subjective instances of opinion and should be treated as such, but think about it. Make your own conclusions… If you want to… Cognition is a beautiful thing. Enjoy!

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