Love for Clothing…

Love for clothing can explain the differing love we feel for people. Each person is different, and so is each relationship between people.

Some relationships can be like the relationship between you and your favorite piece of clothing. You will never let that piece out of your clutches because its beautiful and you always can count on it to make an outfit great.

The same can be said for your best friends. You will always have those sporadic relations which you would always cling to, and they to you, for that is your best friend, and they will always be.

The majority of your clothing relations are fleeting, however. Personally, I am always moving old fashion out for its replacement of new clothing in order to keep up with the changing times and to keep my sanity.

In our daily lives we are constantly moving on to bigger and better things… and so… it makes sense that those relations we have with various people would be fleeting as well. We draw closer to people for our benefits, and simply move away when we are finished keeping them around. As soon as the next season approaches… Its to the pile of past friendships and on to more relations with new and differing benefits.

I enjoy paralleling things we experience in our every day lives with other things we experience in our every day lives because we often see norms as normal and don’t see how things operate, and, in turn, can become confused as to why things happen; some people move away, some people always stay.

Confusion from blindly operating in societal norms is normal…

Moving beyond normal can allow one to see the world for what it is worth… and what it could be worth.

Know your wardrobe of relationships. Know when to move on from the bellbottoms… or know when to bring them back. Don’t be afraid to let people back in, but know when to call it over. Never let go of that favorite person… or that favorite jacket… and that bag… well… What do you want to do?

I hope you thought, enjoyed, and will continue to think and enjoy, as you take the world in, and ponder its oddities and normalities. Take in others opinions, such as this blog, and develop your own conclusions. You can do it! Thinking is fun!

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