Fun Time w/ Mother


I do enjoy my mother… I also enjoy skincare… I don’t enjoy having a reason to need skincare… but I do enjoy having a mother who loves me regardless of reason… because I need a mother… and I am blessed with one… So any opportunity I get to make her smile… I will definitely take.

Oh God… I am a big ball of sap… Ignore me… the cheese filled bubblegum flavored ball of sap wallowing in the corner over sentiment and other crap like that.


Okay…. I’m done.


We were using a product which is a foaming mud mask sold on memebox. It has a cute piggy on the package… an adorable little pork… I just offended pig lovers everywhere… and yet… no remorse. The product works well, making my skin feel clean and such. My skin feels so smooth after I use it. Its quite lovely, but it does tickle quite a bit when it is foaming up which isn’t lovely, but RESULTS!


Nothing can brighten your day or someone else’s than, not only trying something new, but doing so with someone you love. Step out there, and if you get the chance… Invite someone to come with you.


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