Fun w/ Friends

SPRING BREAK!!! March 14th through the 20th



I had a blast in the heat of spring break at the stupidest place to go to while on spring break… The bandshell… But with the right company… anything can be manageable… Fun even.

Chandler, Ben, and Mic… also briefly Brenndon… were cool.






Wednesday night after church my lovely best friend and I went to IHOP and enjoyed ourselves. While leaving, some lovely… by lovely I mean creepy… men decided to holler, and unfortunately… it was too late for Joselyn when she suggested to hold hands and pretend we were together… The effectiveness would have been amazing, but… next time.

That night we watched Korean variety shows… Ate hohos… and eventually decided upon sleep… when I wimped out and got tired.

Thursday morning, we rose, we ate, we smiled, and then we proceeded to conquer the day.

We then did a photoshoot for my portfolio shots, which I shall soon be making a bragging post about my best friend’s astounding abilities with.

We also went to the beach… but the sun didn’t so… Did it count? Not sure.


Friday: No photo, but I still had… Fun w/ friends… shoutout to Joey and Brady. From the beach to pizza to smasbros… It was a rather smashing day one could say… I am cheese itself.


Sunday: No photo, but still… I had a productive day with friends… Which was also fun. I recorded my covers of Writings on the Wall by Sam Smith, as well as, Found by Amber Run. They will hopefully provide money via scholarship from Columbia…

Also, BIG THANKS to Brady for playing and, the amazing, the splendid, Joselyn, for shooting and editing and putting on dvd of the covers… English is hard.


My friends make me happy. I love you all.


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