Creating Stuff


I managed to concoct a lovely and surprisingly delicious salad.

I used…

  • spinach
  • strawberries
  • candied walnuts
  • little mozzarella balls
  • balsamic
  • love
I do believe the last ingredient insured success.

The only complaint… the only inkling of my underdeveloped cooking skills… I saturated the spinach in water when cleaning them so they didn’t absorb the balsamic well enough… It just kind of gathered at the bottom of the bowl, but it was still DELICIOUS.

I encourage you to cook even if you suck at it. I have recently been gathering enough courage to cook, and I have never been able to make things taste eatable… But now… every once and a while, a finished product will make the heavens erupt in song and dance and praises for the miracles of the Lord.



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