Weekly Buys & Developments

April 4th through the 9th




I spent time with my friends… Throughout the week, I thoroughly enjoyed eating and laughing and gallivanting around the streets with people such as Ysa, Gabby, and many more assorted others. I really do cherish those whom I can call friends.


I also had the opportunity to jam a little bit with my pal Ysa and new pal Roddy. It was rather satisfying to know that I am friends with such talented individuals.


I ate… and to eat one must either spend money on the food or make it from scratch. I chose to do both this week. Eating out with friends was both satisfying and costly, but in the end, proved to be worth every bit. I created many creations this week… It was a good week for me, but of course, only some turned out. Ramen with scallions, bacon, and egg in beef stock and katsu sauce turned out to be rather delicious, but a mushroom and balsamic pasta pained me with its taste. I also continuously snacked on greek yogurt with honey… which is delicious but healthy, and I hate that I love it.


I WORKED OUT! I usually am strictly in disbelief of this common past time, but I was feeling the need to sweat and feel the pain of knowing that I could continue to eat doughnuts without accumulating more fat.


I walked on the beach with my family… It was rather lovely and satisfying. I really enjoy listening to music as I stroll and gaze upon the fluttering tides. I highly recommend it as a stress reliever and a place to bring your family if you’ve been arguing too much… Ha. Seriously. It helps. So… SO much.


I lived emotionally for just a bit of this week… If you know me, you know feeling really isn’t what I am inclined to partake in, however, I have felt a considerable amount of emotions this week. So to all those who have been the victims of my resurgence of feelings, I am so… so sorry. Mom, Dad… I love you.


Cherish those you love! Spend time with them! Feel for them, towards them, and about them… and if your emotions are too much… Walk it off… and there’s always food… or the gym… or the gym while you eat food.



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