Sense of Sense

Imagine now, the aromas of your favorite being. The intensity you feel when you catch a whiff and reach out to them. You pull them close and just before you take a sip, your significant other beats you to it. How dare they take a sip of your favorite cup of existence before you. Who do they think they are?

A substance can come to mean a lot to us as a species. It can make many people oodles of money. It can give life to a sleep-ridden beast. It can even rejuvenate someone with just a passing sense… if that one is aware of the presence of their favorite beverage being near.

If one is not aware, then one can miss out on the presence of things important to them.

I am writing about sensing, not absent mindedly, but rather, taking in information and processing it.

Why wouldn’t one want to know what is going on around them?

Is it hard? Is it overwhelming?

There is a balance in this world, and when something takes a lot of work, it most likely has a substantial payoff.

When I observe and am aware of what is going on around me, I notice things. I feel as though, in my piece of the world, I know the jist of what’s going on. Its almost as though I am controlling myself, and in turn, gain that means of control which seems to be so desired by almost every character in an action film. POWER!!!!

I feel competent when I take it upon myself to know where I am in the world.

Do what you do, but maybe next time you’re doing you, you know exactly what ‘doing you’ means. Be aware of what your senses are saying. The world just might open up, or seem more manageable, or whatever. You can find out yourself. That’s the amazing thing about living one’s own life.

Good day, and I hope your breath always smells the way you wish it. I will be still be content with coffee breath.

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