Fun w/ Friends… & Food.

April 11th through the 16th.

Monday was a lovely day. I spent quality time with the bro. Lunch at Tia’s after a nice basking in the sun ocean side resulted in a lovely burn…. I mean ‘tan’. I made hardcore sausage gravy. It was delightful over some solid biscuits… the homemade taste of the gravy masking the artificial nature of the biscuits.


Tuesday was a lovely and long day. I thoroughly enjoyed spending a photoshoot with Ysa. After a brief meal at Tia’s, class ensued. Afterwards, a nice little game of hacky sack took place, which resulted in hunger. We, being Ysa, Brendon, Ben, Mic, Roddy, Chandler, and myself, ate and were merry.


Wednesday, after class, I took it upon myself to get some stuff done. Really I did nothing the whole day until the sun started to set, and I felt obligated to make something of my to do list. The binder indicates that I am going to try for my final project in one of my classes… I am aiming for that C+. I also bathed Silver Fox, though she is again, dirty.

Thursday was also extensive. Breakfast was a success with coffee and a doughnut. I enjoyed lunch at one of my favorites, Zen Bistro, with the usual people whom I enjoy. I then jaunted over to Kale cafe with Chandler for a luke-warm smoothie, but healthy non-the-less. I got the opportunity to record in the studio with Roddy and others. I ended off the day right with a late night visit to IHOP with the babe, Ysa. We ate, we talked, we listened, we loved, and then… eventually… departed so I could poop. It was a swell ending to the day.

Side note; I narrowly rescued Fiona(the bass) from Studio A… very… very narrowly. You’re welcome Roddy. I was almost locked in the darkness… almost.

Overall, I believe that I strengthened the bonds of friendship and experienced many new experiences. Now to curl up in my bed and not move for a few days. Its bound to happen. Balance must be found… and so it shall be. Goodnight & good smelling breath to you all.


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