Pedicures & Man

In our society, norms are often practiced out of fear for being seen as different.

Something as simple as a pedicure can be avoided because society’s perspective says one shouldn’t unless they want to be perceived a certain way.

What kind of people do we want to be if we are constantly dictated by what society says we should be. For fear of not ‘fitting in’? For fear of ‘standing out’?

Why should it matter what doing something says about you to others. If you enjoy what you do, and it isn’t harmful, why would one not wish to practice a behavior that could be seen as ‘strange’ or something you don’t peg yourself as.

In our society, too many people care about how they are perceived, so much so, that we can miss out on the beauty of things out of fear for being mistakenly perceived.

People will make mistakes in perceiving you regardless of what you do or how you act.

People don’t know you, so anything they ‘know’ is a guess. Some people are worse at guessing than others, and some may be on point with their inferences, but overall, what matters is your personal happiness.

Do what makes you happy, and you’ll be happy.

Be all that you are, and life will make itself okay.

Get a pedicure, and you will know the true meaning of life… maybe.


Enjoy this subjective blog, your breath, others’ breaths, and life itself. Much love and contentment to you and yours.

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