Sense of Humor

This is an important thing. Its practically a survival skill.

Imagine now, a social situation, people all laughing and chatting, the essence of laughter and happiness flowing throughout conversation. A joke is thrown and strikes someone’s face. Instead of more laughter, which was expected, the being who was struck in the face, grows angry, and so does their face.

We’ve all been there; we’ve either received a joke to the face or were throwing it. It feels terrible either way, if handled improperly. When anger is added to a casual situation, the vibe of positivity is lost to the sudden presence of unnecessary negativity.

In this world, we all have free will. With that comes a responsibility to make sure we can do what’s best in every situation. Most of the time, the negative alternative has far too many negative repercussions, and a selfish being would continually use this method of action when in social situations.

We all want attention, but how we go about getting it can paint a very explicit picture for those around us.

Do what you want to, but think about how it will effect the situation you are in.

You have the daily opportunity to make people smile and have genuine happiness.

Who will you be?

Whoever you will be should be someone who knows their place in the world around them.

Be cognizant and things will begin to have more dimension than just selfish intention.

I do hope you enjoyed this little subjective bit of intellect. Take from it what you will and remember to always be content with your breath.

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