Fun w/ Friends

Sunday, May 1st through to Saturday, May 7th


Sunday was a lovely day filled with homework and not homework. Thanks to Ysa’s abode, Ysa, Brendon, and Chandler. It was great and relatively productive.



Tuesday was riddled with unhappy things, but when you enjoy a meal with friends and share some laughs, it can make a day worth mentioning in a blog post.


Wednesday was setup day for the sound reinforcement people. We enjoyed little bits of exploration between doing our jobs. Singing in angelic acoustical spaces aside, it was lots of work, but with friends such as Ysa and Ted and Mic and others, any situation becomes enjoyable.


Thursday was soundcheck day, as well as, class, but the important and entertaining moments were enjoyed at restaurants with people whom I enjoy…enjoyably… & we all love IHOP… right Brendon, Mic, Ben, Chandler, and Ysa?


Friday, filled to the brim with instances of happiness. I got the opportunity to hang with my bro. I then proceeded to procrastinate on chores by getting ready for the ensemble show. I chose the fancier route for this night’s look. All I was dressed nice for though was cheering on people who are overflowing with talent and then cleaning up after them.

TJ, Ben, Maddie, Brendon, Chandler, and Alex were banging in the fourth ensemble with a lovely little Queen medley that received a well-deserved standing ovation. Also, Ysa was a true crowd pleaser with her place on the keys and as a BGV. I enjoyed witnessing all the other ensembles… almost all the other ensembles… as well. Also a part of Friday and through to Saturday were instance of eating which are the only ways my friends choose to hang out in our large grouping apparently.


Theme of the week… Even if something sucks or displeases you, friendship and genuine care for your friends can ensure that good times are enjoyed and remembered.

I love my people, and my people love me…. as for my breath, I am still content with it, but a friend is always there to make sure I use gum when I become too complacent in my breath’s odor.

Much love to you and yours, and may your breath always be what you desire.


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