The final week of finals for this semester… It was quite stressful… Right?

Look how hot my best friend is… Wow.



The secret to enjoying finals week is sprinkling nice little bits of hangout time between cramming for y0ur finals. I love my people… and I know I blog it often, but its only because I’m overcompensating for not saying it enough.

Finals week didn’t suck as much as it usually does even though I failed one of my classes…

Go at your own pace, whatever that means for you. Whether you hang out with friends more often or less often… Whether you do drugs more often or less often… Do your thing… and when it comes to acing those finals, you will have ensured that you did all you could do… Stereotypically and truly. The time you devoted will have paid off and you may just earn an A on your exam like my hot friend Ysa… OR you could chill out and cram right before and hope that your guessing abilities will pull you through with a C… like me.

I’m content with my coffee breath… and my grades… Thats why I am blogging right now instead of studying for my last final.

May contentment be yours through all your endeavors and such. Much love and pleasing breath to all.


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