What We Don’t Understand

There’s a lot loaded into that statement. Most things in life are elusive to us because our very own selves can be mysteries of their own.

In life, many things will confuse, challenge, and dishevel, but it is every beings’ duty to try their best to keep their own beings in tact.

Its easy to be swept up in the strong winds of living, but when a being choses to stand in their place, know who they are, and hold on to the truth they have decided upon, then being swept away can only seem implausible.

My heart hurts, when I cause pain to others. My heart hurts, when I can no longer see something. My heart hurts.

Being highly perceptive has its advantage and disadvantages, as anything does. I can see depth and definition. I can see so much of something, so much so, that when I can’t see something, it scares me.

‘Ignorance is bliss’   It is… but I wouldn’t trade wisdom for anything. I can see the terrible instance in people’s personalities, but I can also witness the most intimate beauty in one single act of kindness.

There’s so much we don’t understand, but there’s so much we do.

Start at the basics. Get to know yourself. Plant yourself firm in your beliefs. Realize others will do the same.

Be the best version of yourself and never shy away from challenges. Open your horizon to the arms of opportunity and allow for your mind’s eye not to be cloaked.

I hope you enjoy your life as you chose to live it.

Satisfying breath and blessings to you and yours.


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