Growing Old…

Its a hard but necessary instance of process which, if observed, will allow for the blossoming of a human being. Complicated when spoken of, but once lived, understood.

Everything in this life is ours to use. We can do our best, but some things are just too much for our current selves to handle. Thus, the need for the process of growth which will enable us to handle all that life tosses our way.

I am excited to live as an adult, but saying that is easier than actually doing it. Independence, in the most extreme sense of the word can be thrust on us, but I was lucky enough for it to be subtly slid my way along with a warm cup of coffee. So, I will handle myself… the way an adult would.

I know I don’t have it hard, but its still hard to handle more responsibility than one ever has. We all feel this way… possibly…. Life is hard okay?

Trust in the process; trust that what you are having to deal with now will prepare you for future endeavors.

Much love to you and yours and may your breath always be the scent you desire.


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