People & Burritos

People are very similar to burritos. People enjoy burritos… Some people enjoy burritos.

Burritos have a few defining characteristics which can be used as parallels for people.

These characteristics include but are not limited to; layers, varying dimensions, differing outward appearance from the inward contents… Shall I reiterate more?

People are layers and dimensions to be understood, and when we don’t understand, we can take a bite and cause everyone to be filled with surprise. Though understanding takes a process, some people just know you because their experiences allow them to generalize to a point of relative understanding.

In order to truly know what a burrito holds, one must get to know that burrito; get to know the person which you wish to understand, otherwise know that you don’t understand them.

Generalizing all burritos without knowing that intricacy and art placed in the creation of each burrito is harmful to all burritos and yourself.

When we generalize, we don’t appreciate the complexity of a being.

When we are aware that we do not understand, we are less likely to place someone in a category which they don’t belong in. *consult Doughnut Segregation*

Next time you see someone, don’t label them or generalize their existence. Understand that not understanding is better than placing false perceptions upon others. Know your ignorance and don’t exude it. It is better to simply wish for understanding.

Don’t blindly bite burritos, but rather, establish a relationship if you wish to know more about that burrito.

Do what you want & I hope your day is filled with enlightening instances & your breath is the scent you so desire.



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