Get a girl who can do both.


Friendship is a beautiful thing. Close friendship is even more beautiful.

In life, there is a constant striving for balance. With great reward, a great effort must be put forth to achieve it.

Deep-rooted relationships blossom when the core is reached. In order to get there, walls must be torn down and rebuilt, conversations filled with pain and filled with laughter must occur, and both people must be willing to take equal part in all of it.

Having a close friendship has taught me so much about ‘intimacy’. Getting close is something I personally struggle with, and I know I am not alone in this… though it always feels as though I am.

Finding contentment in distance isn’t fair when someone wishes to have a close relationship with you, whether it be friendship or something more.

The most pivotal moment in establishing a solid, deep-rooted relationship is communication. I know you’ve heard that, but conveying your honest emotions about things that bother you is painful, but avoiding the discussion would plant seeds in the relationship causing unresolved issues to fester into something toxic.

Friendship is a beautiful thing, and some may be content with it, but to achieve something more, lessons must be learned and then discussed, and ultimately, the beauty of it will be shared with another.

Ysa, I’m glad you’re the girl who can both laugh and cry with me. I appreciate all that you are. Thanks for being you.

Much love and satisfying breath to you and yours.


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