DIY Stuff & Things


I am cool and creative… Or so says my DIY-ed jacket which I had assistance in making.

By cutting off the sleeves, I created a unique look. Frayed edges add the touch of vintage flare I was looking for.

The patch is from Moxie Vintage. Using hot glue, Ysa got as close to the edge as she could and it looks fabulous… But if I wanted to I could sew down the edges for good measure.

I could clearly continue to develop this new piece of my wardrobe by cutting the sleeves off … adding more patch work… dip dying the bottom… or whatever my heart concocts to challenge me creatively.

I am enthralled with this piece that I totally did all the DIY-age and no one assisted me whatsoever. Just kidding… I’m a child and hot glue is too… hot for me.

I encourage you to cut your clothes! DIY is cool and hip and all us youngsters are doing it these days. In all honesty; its good for the economic situation of your wallet and allows for your creativity to give you uniqueness about your life. Do it… Or don’t… but I hope your breath is a always pleasing and your life full of happiness.


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