Live a little.

Live a little!

Life is a beautiful thing to be experienced whether you’re drinking water… or not water.

Something as simple as cards can be fun if you choose to make it so.

Life is filled with negativity and positivity. Many things are something to somebody, and if you choose to loose sight of your happiness for the sake of something that doesn’t matter, then all you will gain is a hard lesson and a loss of time.

Lessons aren’t necessarily bad things, but to sacrifice the good times to worry about the possibility of the bad is plain foolishness.

Enjoy this life which you have been given. To work your whole life for enjoyment isn’t the same as enjoying the work of your life… obviously.

Many things are worth the effort, but enjoy the process as well as then progress. Enjoy the product and the production…. Ahh… poetic reinforcement.

Live! Laugh! Love… yourself!

I hope your life is swell as well as your breath and everything is the way you so choose.


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