The Beauty of Creme-Filled

Imagine this; warm dough torn by your teeth as the delightful top coating of chocolate causes your senses to flutter. Inside this delightful being pours out the dense mass of a light creme, completing the experience of living in life’s abundance.

What I am actually talking about is a personality type. Ha ha… Ha really.

When you being to get to know a person. There are a few initial impressions that make you intrigued and want to know more. The sweetness on the surface tells you there could be something worth while about the person. The thick layer of dough however could deter you… Compared to the sweetness of the chocolate, the person seems a little bitter, but looking at that overall person… you couldn’t see them without the contrast of sass.  Finally, you commit to open up to that person and when they open up, a dense yet beautiful concoction of deliciousness pours out.

This inner bliss can be too much for some, but creme will be creme regardless of those who refuse to swallow.

In life, many people will get the opportunity to get to know you. Cherish them. When someone can’t handle who you are inside… whether it be creme filled, raspberry filled, or something strange… if they judge you… they don’t deserve you. If they can’t appreciate the beauty of your filling then they don’t deserve to take a bite.

Find people who can love and appreciate all that you are, filling and all. Otherwise, one should simply make the intelligent decision of knowing that there are other people to mingle with and get to know, so moving on shouldn’t be too much of a loss.

Cherish your creme-filled people. They’re delicious and if you don’t think so, that’s okay. Not knowing is bliss in its own sense, but beauty is beauty regardless of the uglies.

Much love and pleasing breath to all.


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