Fun w/ Friends & Haircuts

May 23rd through to May 27th

Monday wasn’t not much of a day… Double negatives are fun. It included ensemble, as well as, a bit of friend time with the friend. I shall now take this opportunity to brag about my group for ensemble… With Velasco at the head and Anthony holding down us all with the drums, the elite team of vocalists, guitarists, and mr. everything on keys is all that I had hoped for when signing up for a summer class. I will give details at a later date on when you can come to enjoy our ‘showcase’ but plan on the middle to end of June.



Tuesday was a DAY day. You feel? I had lovely day of ensemble, fresh cut, and beach walk. Shout out to Megan for being the best hair stylist ever and such. I am thoroughly pleased with the way my hair turned out. I highly recommend shaving your head… It is both liberating and titillating because my head feels very satisfying. I then spent some time with the brother and we did a bit of long boarding and finally enjoyed our usual jaunt on the beach.


Wednesday was spent with the best of friends. Once ensemble was experienced, we headed to my abode, and I cooked us a delightful meal of veggie stir fry with lots of love and happiness mixed in. We then went to the beach and enjoyed ourselves and each other. It was a solid day.


Thursday was a beautiful one filled with exchanges of toe-cheese and oodles of laughter. Friendship is a beautiful thing… right Brendon, Chandler, Ysa, Mic, and Ben? After ensemble there was beach and after beach there was food and after food there was conversation and after conversation there was chillin’. We are cool people so we naturally are cool together. It was cool…. as are fanny packs… Fanny packs are cool, as well as, the people who can and do wear them.


Friday is this day. It is the day I have chosen to do everything on my to do list. Wish me luck and as always…

May you life be filled with happiness and your breath always be the way you wish it. Much love to you and yours.


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