Me vs. Spiders

It is an epic tale of a valiant warrior treading into enemy territory in the hope of cleaning… I mean cleansing the fifth so the light could shine into the hearts of all.

It was intense… It was me… Or the spiders…

On EVERY window there were about two spiders… So it was a lot. You know raid doesn’t work immediately? I figured that out… You’re welcome.

I was spraying too much raid so I was sort of breathing it in too… So me… or the spiders would eventually perish.

I encourage you this day to conquer that which taunts you with its sheer numerical strength… Whatever you are facing… I encourage to face it boldly, and when the fumes of your defenses are too much… wear a scarf over your face.

Many things in life can cause fear or doubt to settle in place of action but if you push past it, you can cause action and reality to be one with each other. That sounds like accomplishment.

Try stuff and succeed. Its satisfying to know that windows can been seen through, but my god… Spiders… Too many spiders man…

I am not even afraid of spiders, but they flipped out when I sprayed them… But thats the point in the process when you continue your defenses… Keep spraying the raid. Then walk away… Let it smolder… then… finish them!

Problem solving is the moral of the story… Or is it that raid and spiders have a relative relationship filled with mystery and sudden movements.

I finished the job and though I may be scarred for life now, I feel accomplished with my scars for life.

Much love and satisfying breath to you and yours.


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