The Construct of Conversation


Conversation is a beautiful thing, and though we may not like to acknowledge it, conversation is both desirable and fulfilling.

Having conversation with the right people can open up a heart and better it. Having conversation with the wrong people can open up a heart and dishevel one’s meaning of life itself. This power should be given out directly to those who will benefit rather than harm.

“A friend is someone who should build you up. So, if they aren’t building you up then why would they be considered your friend?” ~Briana Gaines aka a really profound being.

Conversation at a deep level can bring much revelation and growth. The exchange of information and ideals can expand sight and open minds, as well as, impact the heart.

We all desire the contact of others, but we differ in the sense of intensity and quantity. We need to know how we best communicate our messages and feelings in order to know who to converse with at a deep level. Everyone communicates in their own way, and sometimes the people closest to you can be harmful to your means of communication.

Be open to change, but know who you are. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you does not mean you have to change yourself.

People should always be open to those whom they are close to. As a person cared for and caring, one should always accept the traits of others. You are who you are. Know that others are themselves as well.

Granted, disagreements will occur, but a possible solution would simply be removing selfish desires from the situation in order to reach a commonality. Selfishness can be toxic in a group setting of open exchange.

Conversation can reveal much about the world around you. The beauty of differences is that when they are discussed, the different perceptions of the world that are shared show things that others may have been oblivious to.

Know that others are different. Know that conversation on the deep level can reveal much. Know that people will be themselves and asking otherwise would be selfish. Lastly, know that what is discussed should be to benefit all who shared what was spoken; no more and no less.

I hope your life is enjoyable and fulfilling. May your breath always be the way you wish it.


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