Fun w/ Friends & Family

May 29th through to the 5th of June

Monday I enjoyed coffee with Joey. I love that guy. He’s cool and one of my closest friends.

Tuesday, I got to eat crepes with Cayla. She is also lovable and cool. I enjoyed the experience, and I really needed to catch up with this being who will always be called a best friend of mine.


I enjoyed Wednesday hangs with the people whom I did indeed hang with. Love you people. We played a little Nintendo 64 Smash and Pokemon. We also jammed and chatted and enjoyed each others’ company. Miley is a lovely creature… rarely, but she’s so cute.


Thursday June 2

I got to hang with Briana after class Thursday, which  was lovely because it had been too long… Far too long. She is such an endearing individual filled with profound thoughts and other various elements that make her the astounding individual that she is. I appreciate her.


From Thursday night to Friday we enjoyed Mo, tears, laughter, and lots of times to cherish. Love you dearly.


Saturday was quite pleasant. Its been so long since I had a shopping trip with my family, and I got to bring along one of my bestest friends; Joselyn! I love these people which will always be family to me, forever. Shopping was cool too. Shoes are always the icing to the cake that is love. Later we enjoyed girl time and decided to take a terribly wind-striken walk on the beach, but much was shared and spoken of and all time was enjoyed.

Sunday was spent with people celebrating the graduation and birthday of THE Cayla Cue. She’s pretty cool. I enjoyed the experience of high social demand. It was good to see people whom I haven’t in a while. Catching up is a beautiful thing.


The week was lovely. I have never been in a more solid place emotionally, and I attribute it greatly to the people I shared this week with.

I love you all and may your endeavors always be desirable and successful. May your breath always please you and yours.



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