Best Friend Day

I love this girl. She’s my love… She’s my light… I love her.

There is something magical about a relationship with love, food, and cuddling.

Things shouldn’t be complicated. Just love!

I have a few best friends whom I love, but there is something special about a long term relationship with a sweet little cuddly creature.

Its not too much… and if it is, she bites me, and we move on.

It helps that she doesn’t communicate verbally. When she wants something, she will either invade my space or whine incessantly. Both are cute when she does it.

Technically speaking, the simple nature of dogs allows for the dynamic of the relationship between human and dog to be that of bliss and understanding. Humans will reason easily and at a very basic level because they are dealing with a simple creature. Some will take advantage of that and those monsters don’t count when I say that simple love is easy love and, in my opinion, the perfect love.

Love with animals means loving is given and food is shared.

I love all my humans, but this creatures takes the top spot on the best friend list.

I love her. She loves me… Mostly. We are best friends.

Hope your best friend day was special. Hope your best friend(s) and you are on pleasing terms. Hope your breath always is the way you wish. Hope whoever your friends are, you can deal with the breath they deem their own. Love and blessings to all.


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