Life Can Suck

My life is at a transition point. A part of the process in which I have to deal with constant hovering and instability in the search of my next place to land.

Emotional turmoil can occur at any part of one’s life, but when we are at places which aren’t exactly our ideal or even close… We tend to breed impatience and unrest within ourselves.

I find it difficult to sit at home and ponder things which I have done and could do. Thankfully coping mechanisms such as distraction come in handy in regards to not doing that… but I still end up looking at the mountain and wonder how I will ever begin to climb it.

Life can suck… For everyone. Having downs means you also have ups. Balance is a beautiful thing to understand. Don’t find comfort in the fact that everyone is suffering. Find comfort in the fact that your suffering will end just as it has for others and for your previous self.

I just wish I was doing my ideal means of living, but I know the process of achieving my ideals is going to take time… because I aim high.

Don’t worry so much about the terrible instances, and rather, focus on keeping the ship afloat amidst the chaos. Internal turmoil is a lot to handle, but we all struggle with it at times… or all the time. Knowing how to cope with it can end up making the process more manageable and the end result more attainable.

You can do life… I swear… Do your life the way you figure out how… And when you do… revel in it. Enjoy every blissful moment until the next tidal wave of seasonal disturbance hits.

I love you all and may your breath always be the way you wish.


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