Know it all.

There are many ways to say to say ‘know it all’. I’m focusing on these two instances; “Know it all!” & “Know it all.”

The first is derogatory in nature, usually used in accusing someone of acting as if they know everything. Its a sad moment to observe. Usually, a misperceived confidence is turned into something comparing one to another, and as a result, people’s feelings become that of pain and resentment. What could also be amidst the statement is a prideful arrogance present due to mishandled knowledge, pinpointed, and called out as to assure everyone that too much knowledge is wrong and too much of something is too much. Simply stated, whether the statement is warranted or not, it is harmful to call someone out in on it. The reason for this is that we are all learning, and screaming the truth at someone is almost always less effective than conversing about it in a civilized fashion.

“Know it all.” is something I am titling this blog with because we often tell ourselves that this is what needs to be achieved. We are all striving for mental, emotional, physical, and overall stability in our lives. We could easily make the mistake of telling ourselves that if we knew it all, we would know everything and nothing would go wrong ever again. Its not wrong to assume, but to assume that it is possible to know it all, is wrong. We can’t.

Our lives are meant to be filled with discovery for the sake of discovery, not for the sake of discovering everything. The world is too big for that. The world’s largeness should be a welcome challenge and not a daunting amount of intolerable instances.

Change your perspective. The moral of this bit of intellectual blogging would be perspective. How we say things reveals something about every perspective perceiving it. When you hear someone say “Know it all!” You probably think something totally different than I do. There isn’t a thing wrong with being diverse, but harmful and avoidable behavior should not be practiced if one wishes it. If something… or everything… isn’t working, then try changing your perspective.

You don’t have to know everything… and if you think you do, then you don’t. Be open to discovery for the sake of discovery. Know that the journey is the best part and seeing it as that can improve any situation a hundred fold.

I love you all and hope you enjoyed this heavy bit of subjective intellect. I hope your breath is always pleasing to you and yours.


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