My Room.


I have recently become satisfied with the renovation project that is my room. I worked long and hard and have pillaged many a village to get the furniture and other fixings which make my room what it is. By pillage, I refer to the shelf by the window which was discarded by another and taken in by me. #recycle



I have many places to sit, occupy oneself, hang clothes, and other various functions which I require of a room. I could go into detail about the DIY-ed projects in here such as the shelf in the corner and the pictures over the couch and on the nightstands (which you can’t see, but I promise you that they are gorgeous), but I did a lot and speaking of it deserves a blog post all its own.

I encourage you to do stuff with your space. Its fun coming home to a space that is yours. Its rather… satisfying. Pinterest is a great reference, but there is nothing better than just doing things yourself and spotting a lovely piece even if its on the side of the road.

I hope your life and room are enjoyable and your breath is always the way you wish.


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