Social Media Blackout.

I, me, myself, and also, me, are all in congruence that social media is gross.

A vague premise to the vast explanation so buckle up cause I’ll try and cram it into as many run-on sentences as possible.

I have recently been a little too depressed. I’m normally operating in minor levels of depression, but every once and a while, I will get a little too depressed… And to alleviate this feeling, I will change a massive amount of things in my life.

Monotony tends to drive me into the ground… repeatedly. When I find myself doing the same things over and over again, I will stop doing them, otherwise I loose my mental stability.

Social Media is my current target. With its negative conceptualizations and attention based from boredom, I find it easy, yet challenging, to cut it from my life. Since I still blog, I briefly glance at my medias to see how they advertise my stuff. Other than that… I stay away from it.

Its remarkable the amount of time I have found to do other useless things. I can simply browse the internet… Wait… Monotony strikes again!

When I decided to cut social media, I decided to change the way I spent my down time… I am determined to not use social media… and even choose not to immediately turn to the internet for stimulation.

Many other things in this world can provide the stimulation we all crave. Now, I read… sometimes, I paint, I run… and walk, I write, and I do other healthier means of time-spending.

Lesson to be learned from me and my dissonance… Find your healthy behavior and do it… even if it challenges you. Challenging behavior isn’t always harmful, and in my case, it is rather beneficial.

I hope you all have fun figuring yourselves out… I know how much of a blast it all is, but don’t worry… There’s always coffee… And other things that make you happy. Focus on those when you’re most down… or just have down time.

Side note… Don’t forget the beauty of productivity. Feeling like you contributed something to the world in your day, even if its small, can make you feel needed, or even necessary.

Hope your breath is always the way you wish it.


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