Experimentation & Clothing


Stockings…? Stockings.

I often times equate ideals with concrete metaphorical examples. Clothing experimentation and idealistic experimentation are both beautiful and liberating.

When you add an article of clothing to your wardrobe because its just so special you just had to buy it, you will eventually come to a place in your wardrobe where the clothing will fit.

When you add an ideal to your ideals because its just so special you just had do delve into it, you will eventually come to a place in your ideals where that ideal will fit.

Pondering life’s oddities is not a luxury, though it is a rare as one. Ignoring an ideal because its extreme or odd is an act of ignorance. THINK about something if you wish to know of it, otherwise, any notions drawn from its existence in your mind will be nothing but misinformed guesses.

Not knowing and choosing to not know are different. When ideals pass though your stream of consciousness, it is important to address them even in the slightest way. It can bring to light something you could have easily overlooked.

There is so much to experience in life, and if we close ourselves to living it fully then are we really living it?

Closing oneself off from something in their surroundings can blind them… Crippling their ability to fully know what, in fact, surrounds them.

My advice to you… though it may not be worth much… please think about an ideal next time before you simply brush over it or refuse to think of it because it clashes with your own ideals.

Just because those tights clash with the outfit you are wearing when shopping doesn’t mean that they clash with the other outfits in your closet.

Even if an ideal clashes on the surface, if pondered, it may expose more than just issues in itself, but issues within your own self.

Much love to you and yours and may your breath always be the way you wish it.


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