The Beauty of Eating

This week’s featured recipe is a lovely red velvet waffle.

I very much enjoy and appreciate the invention of the waffle iron. It is a beautiful thing. I recommend the investment of purchasing one.

I also recommend investing in the occurrence that is breakfast with those you enjoy. Its a lovely bonding experience that allows for the morning and its contents to be savored without solitude. Life can get bothersome, but a chill morning breakfast that is both beautiful and satisfying  can only get better when shared with others… unless you’re not feeling it… but try new stuff. Reeses, my baby, I love you.

For this recipe, I experimented. I followed the recipe until I pulled out the cocoa powder, vanilla extract, red dye, and chocolate chips. I don’t really know measurements, but try to make it look eatable, and maybe things will turn out. Luckily, this worked tremendously well.

I encourage you… as always… to get in the kitchen and experiment with foods you enjoy. Some things won’t turn out, but when you discover a solidly delicious recipe, you can change your life for the better.

Much love to you and yours and may your breath always be the way you wish.


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