19 & still single.


I don’t know mane… or do I….?

I’m quite intentionally the way I am. Granted, I have crushed on a few guys, but for where I am now, I am happily and purposefully single.

Here’s the rundown:

1.I’m not solid… yet.

I’m getting there, but I’m not ready for close relations with another being. I need to know who I am. I need to be the best me that I am, and right now… I have too many bad days to say I’d live a good life with an eternal companion.

2. I would like a stable partner.

What this entails is a waiting period… An allotted period of development for him… and myself. I want him to be in a place where he is ready to date without overthinking or insecurity getting in the way. Granted those instances will always be present in any relationship, but the quantity of those negative instances would be greatly reduced if maturity and confidence were fully present in both beings. This takes time to develop… So I’ll wait.

3. I would like to LIVE with that person.

Struggle is inevitable, but if both components are in a place of developed living and solid stability, then the only potential is sure adventure. My reasoning is strange I know… but it makes sense. With a more mature relationship, the people involved will be in a place in their own lives that they can live more adventurously while remaining stable with someone else at their side. I’m not willing to wait until my organs start failing for this to occur, but I plan on becoming successful myself, then seeking out a lifetime partner.

Hope my sharing of thoughts has caused you to have some of your own. Much love to you and yours, and may your breath always be the way you wish.

(Megan made me do it)…thanks:)




I made the choice to change, and to the artist who created this masterpiece; I appreciate you.

Despite everything being the way that it is in my life, I am happy. Having lovely hair helps, but honestly, I am struggling with this whole ‘living your life’ thing. I have all the information that I have, and I am well off because of it, but sometimes, I understand why people choose ignorance.

I have recently severed myself from everything that I deemed degrading to my potential. I have established certainties as ‘anchor points’ for my sanity. I have also began therapy. Marking this monument of emptiness and potential has been a fun hair color experiment.

When deciding what to do with one’s life, for both now and the long-term, it can get pretty hectic and manic, and you can get hectic and manic… Here’s a tip: Try something you’ve been wanting to do. The added accomplishment will give you the contentment you need to tackle more.

I encourage you to do what you decide upon, regardless of other’s opinions of the action. The only way you can learn is by doing whatever you want and discovering the results for yourself. Learn for your learning’s sake. Do what you wish for the sake of yourself. In return, you will discover the world which you choose to inhabit.

Much love to you and yours, and may your breath always be the way you wish.