Kitchen Essentials; FOOD


Let’s start fresh… Ha. There’s always the essential milk and eggs to have fresh and always, but consider these other fresh items as items to always have. Greek yogurt expires quickly, but it is a wonderful source of protein and can be added to quite a few recipes to give an added thickness to a sauce or smoothie, for example. Fresh fruit is also something you should always have at least one of. Bananas are great because they are a grab-n-go food, but preparing a fruit salad, or something to that effect, can also be useful. Fresh veggies are always an essential for me because you can sauté them and add them to any meal or mix with rice… Lots of potential.


Getting saucy… Ha ha. Always have sauces on had that you can grab in the search flavor. Having fresh ingredient is great, but without their saucy companions… They can become redundant and sad… These are my essential sauces… Hopefully they can give you some inspiration in your quest for sauces and such. Personally, I like making my own sauces, thus the sparsity. Mixing and adding as one sautés can generate lots of happiness.


Moving on to the ones we know and love… Carbs. Carbs are essential to my diet, and I always keep a nice sorted variety on hand; health and not so health things… Balance. Make sure you always have the go-to, easy foods just in case you are too hungry to cook.


Essentially, these are my essential essentials. I did not include a picture of butter or tea, but they would also be here. The reason for these are that they often are used on the daily and are a part of every meal. Butter and minced garlic can literally be apart of every meal, giving flavor and happiness to all. Water and tea are both healthy and providers of sanity. I highly recommend having these essentials always close by.



I hope you all enjoyed the essentials. Soon to come are Kitchen Essentials; COOKWARE and Kitchen Essentials; APPLIANCES. I hope you all enjoy the essentials to come, as well as, your own enjoyable essentials.

Much love to you and yours and may your breath always be the way you wish.



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