Update: Psychiatry…

I wish to become a psychiatrist.

For a few… many… months now, I have been searching inside myself for the future; My future.

I’m only 19, but I wish to aim high. So, when I decided upon psychology, I chose the path involving a doctorate in the field. I look forward to all the school and debt.

I really am excited. Along with my schooling for psychiatry, I will be writing, and hopefully, publishing some of my works. I will also be singing whenever I can.

My life is going to be what I make it, and I am going to make it big… in my own way.

Becoming a functioning professional in society hasn’t always been my goal as a creative, but as I ponder the field, and its expansive potential for growth, I couldn’t think of a better place for me to become successful in.

I will always be writing… stories and songs… and songs that are stories… and stories with some songs. I’ve got big goals in my creative department as well, but as far as schooling goes, I will be going into debt in the field I am sure to pay it off in.

Much love to you and yours and may your breath always be the way you wish.


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