Relationships & Shoes

A lot of times we can look down when we are sad. We often turn our eyes to see a place which we feel we are residing at, but when you look down and see a gorgeous pair of shoes, your entire demeanor can change.

I have found love in shoe form. These are both eye catching and comfortable. They give me height while not hindering the way I walk… Hmm… I’m sensing the opportunity for a metaphorical parallel here.

When you are in a close relationship, either friendship or more-than-friendship, there are many things that can signal toxicity in the relationship.

A relationship should be beautiful to behold, but it should also be comfortable… for all the people involved.

The moment the relationship becomes happy on the outside and draining on the inside is when you have got to throw those shoes in the donate pile.

A relationship should also be giving you height. Building you up is actually quite easy for the people close to you, unless they are constantly expecting something in return. They may be ready to give, but who they are giving to may not be ready to.

The moment selfish intentions run the relationship, the marathon ends because the laces get tangled and the the sole detaches from the rest of the person… I mean shoe.

A relationship also should not hinder the way you walk. The way you walk through your life, the way you operate, the way you reason, shouldn’t be hindered by the people you are close to.

The moment someone questions the way you walk is the moment walking no longer becomes easy… Or sometimes, walking will stop and words will be thrown only to end in no gain of ground because the walking stopped.

Logically speaking, shoes should compliment you, love you, and be loved by you. Its not complicated… A relationship with a person and a relationship with a shoe ARE quite similar, but people complicate it… for selfish reasons.

Selfishness shouldn’t extend beyond one’s self. The moment your selfishness demands things from others is the moment you’ve crossed a line, a line that is toxic to relationships when crossed. Selfishness is good when inhabiting the confines of oneself… It can result in growth and self-learning, but beyond oneself, it can harm others…. and in the end harm oneself.

I hope you all find that balance, and enjoy your future relations.

Much love to you and yours and may your breath always be the way you wish it.


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