Fun w/ Person & Food


I had a lovely time with a lovely being.

My recipe for this easy-to-fix meal that is sure to nourish and please is as follows…

  • rice
  • lentils
  • marinated fish
  • love and kindness (butter and chicken broth)

Also, beverages include…

  • green tea
  • water
  • leftovers from popsicle concoction

(popsicle blogpost foreshadowing)

I encourage you to spend simple time with those you care about. Enjoying another’s company is a beautiful but rare occurrence. Something as simple as board games, disney movies, comedic anime, and sporadic meals and snack-age can be the composition of a lovely evening.

I also encourage you to push past internal degradation to enjoy life and all its demanding loveliness. Though I wasn’t feeling my best, my company and the destination all called me into action as I pushed myself towards the mall. I enjoyed the day of not just chilling… And coming home to watch more comedic anime while dining on dumplings finished the day off splendidly.

My point being… Enjoy your time the way you want to and with who you want to, doing what you both can easily agree on. Things turn out a lot simpler when simple.

Much love to you and yours, and may your breath always be the way you wish.


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