Sorted Brows.

Sorting my brows sorted my my life somehow.

In this current season, I have gone though much growth. It seems that the sorting of my life somehow matched the sorting of my brows.

Many of us are going though intense growth processes, especially people around my age. I have a few little tip, or thoughts, to ponder when in this season of apparent turmoil.

  1. Don’t panic. Easier said than done, but having panic attacks takes a lot of piling to reach the pinnacle of pandemonium. Learn how to keep anxieties from stacking upon themselves. To do this, I have accumulated a repertoire of things to do that make me feel at ease. ex) cooking, painting, walking on the beach, and in EXTREME cases… going to the gym.
  2. Remember breathing. Oxygen is one of the few essentials to living, and when cognitively remembered and steadily taken in and released… It can act as a simple, in-the-moment stress-releiver.
  3. Take care of your temple. The correlation between my brows and my life is closer and more intentional than I initially led on. I sorted my body and face, and in turn, I felt better just by taking a look at the mirror… most days. You can be surprised what happens when you simply regulate your body properly. I LOVE pooping, and I poop quite often. Any time I do not poop at least twice a day, I know something is wrong. Also, water is a magical substance that, when drank, can actually benefit you! Wow ooo ahhh. Seriously. Taking in the proper amount of nutrients is actually quite a challenge for me considering I love chocolate and coffee, but I also make sure my diet includes things of health… and then I take vitamins. Find what works for your body… Become one with yourself... Ha. Seriously.

So to sum things up nicely, in order to deal with craziness in one’s life one should simply remember to learn how to cope and alleviate stress, remember that breathing is important in moments of stress, and take care of the body.

Much love to you and yours, and may your breath always be what you wish.



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