I spent the week alone…


I was alone… or was I?

This bothersome little love ball ensured that my time without human contact was not void of love. Her love for me drove her to wake me in the morning hours with relentless pleas for affection. Her love for me drove her to force me to take care of her… but I enjoyed every early and aggravating second.

I learned quite a bit in my week alone, however not-alone Reeses tried to make me feel.

  • I established goals.
  • I grew in appreciation for my family.
  • I learned to overcome loneliness.
  • I learned how to recuperate after a breakdown while alone.
  • I learned the importance of stimulation… mental stimulation.
  • I established more goals.
  • I grew further appreciation for my family.
  • I grew up… quite a bit.

Mostly everything I managed to accomplish, you can too!

  • When you establish goals, you give yourself a place to shoot for. It can provide a sense of purpose in your otherwise busy or not-so-busy life.
  • Appreciate your family. Bottom line: They care about you… If they don’t… they probably do… and if they don’t… you’re calling the wrong people family.
  • Loneliness can lead to impulsive decisions. One of my staple pieces of advice is… Don’t make decisions when you’re in a down mood. Loneliness or anger can greatly affect one’s ability to reason… try not to neglect this fact.
  • Breaking down can happen to anyone… Learning how you can make yourself feel better is important. Try food… or coffee… It works for me.
  • Make sure your mind always has something to do… or it will do something for itself.
  • #goals
  • #relationshipgoals
  • Growth is a demanding and painful process, but its so worth the added confidence… and its lovely to behold… right mom and dad?

Good luck in all your endeavors. Much love to you and yours, and may your breath always be the way you wish.


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