Psychopath Wall of Goal-Setting

What a title… *pats self on back*

I condensed severely the content of my psychopath wall, but there is a moral to this blog that will benefit you… I swear.

I am going to give you tips on goals-setting. I have hinted how important goal-setting is to myself on many occasions, but you may not enjoy it. I encourage you to continue reading IF you have trouble setting goals and following though, OR you have been trying many things and nothing is working and you’re getting tried of trying the same things over and over again… Whatever the case, if it seems similar to the described scenarios, then you may benefit from this list I shall now present to you.

My tips to setting adequate goals are as follows…

  1. Leave money out of it… That’s what budgeting is for. There is no reason to include money in you goals. Budgets are the most effective way of remaining financially stable… Unless! You have goals to alleviate debt/ go into debt/ or anything to do with debt. Technically, debt is the lack of money (paraphrasing), so my initial statement still stands.
  2. Keep organized… Whatever that means to you. Just know that being organized will promote the sorting of your thoughts.
  3. Think chronological… My tip when establishing goals on a timeline is starting vague and far away. Have longterm goals to shoot for, then backtrack. As you follow the trail back to where you are now, get more specific. (Side tip: I have a separate notepad and planner for daily events because they are the most changing and specific.)
  4. Ask yourself the right questions… Here are some good ones; ‘What do you want from life’ and ‘What do you want to give to the world’. Vague crazy questions, I know, but they will help you find the long term goals that you truly wish to work towards.
  5. Never settle… Once you have established a nice little map of goals, if something doesn’t quite seem right to you, change it. You’re the you that has to live your life, if your goals don’t make you feel like rearing up and riding on, then those aren’t the goals for you. They should inspire you to want to do them.
  6. Use sticky notes… I know this is an obvious one, but still… Seeing your goals day-to-day will allow for you to remind yourself of the goals you are woking towards. Try placing them in places you frequent &/OR places that you feel inspired in. Mine are at my desk… Yours could be on your fridge, toilet, of next to your favorite chair.
  7. DO IT! Beginning is the hardest part, but I swear that even if its difficult to figure out, once you’re sorted, it shall all make sense.

I hope you enjoy your goal-setting. I hope that if it doesn’t work for you, that you figure out what does. Lastly, I hope your breath is always the way you wish it to be. Much love:)


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