The Sneeze that Stays…

Everyone can relate to the moment your face realizes that that sneeze… means more sneezes shall soon come. This blog is about something both relatable and HORRIFYING!


Here are some tips to conquering the torturous effects of the sickness thereof.

Stay off your feet. All ground is lava and you should just consider your bed the only safe zone…(excluding all toilet trips).

Eat the drinkables. Boil chicken broth… Heat up tea… Brew some coffee… Whatever you so choose to do just know you can indeed have it you way… if its a liquid that is.

Catch up on your binge watching and book reading. Fevers tend to help the mind hallucinate, which is great for reading and watching movies and shows.

Stay indoors. The elements are almost as horrifying as the illness. The vast places house more horrid ailments and even… people. They are indeed walking cesspools of germs, your self included. You’re nasty, keep it to yourself.

Utilize others. People aren’t just breeders of pathogens, they are useful for the retrieval of food and other necessities, like chocolate. Use those who care about you. They will do what you say because you’re ill and NEED them.

I hope these five tips help you to see why no one likes a sick person… including a sick person. Just sit in solitude and recover. Drink tons of water and stay fed. Also, read as many blog posts as you can… 🙂

Much love to you and yours. May your breath always be the way you wish.


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