Why am I addicted to coffee?

I don’t want to be numb.

I have many reasons to be attached to the black silk of life-giving energy that is coffee, but the most important reason is that, without it, I am not fully living.

Yes, I know I’m addicted, but honestly, my personality is that of a sleep deprived person. I just run at a low level, until I’m excited, then I tire quickly.

To ensure that my tank doesn’t soar to E, I drink coffee. The calming sensation quells the morning beast, and I can then go about my day operating in relative productivity. I can also drink more coffee to sustain my wake-ness.

“Why would you allow yourself to be dependent on a substance?” ~ I ask myself this every day…

If I really wanted to, I could endure the headaches and lack of motivation, but I am happier with coffee in my veins, or rather, caffeine.

Coffee encourages growth and exploration of this expansive world. Thus, my dependence on it means that I simply desire to live to my utmost ability… with the aide of a caffeinated beverage.

Final point! Whatever you are addicted to/ dependent on; Evaluate the benefit of its place in your life. Whether it be person, place, or thing, if it doesn’t build you up or make you stronger, its affects can be tarnishing to the life that is yours. An even worse possibility is that it could be robbing you of the possibility of a future.

Much love to you and yours, and may your breath always be the way you wish.


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