Achieving Balance: Therapy

NIGHT & DAY   Both are beautiful. Both are existent. Both need to be so.

Balance. When achieved, balance gives us as individuals something to stand on. Opposites may attract, but what about when they are contained inside our beings? Balance must be achieved, worked towards. We must live our lives and, through each moment, discover our own balance.

I started therapy. My lovely therapist could pinpoint my issues fairly well. She pinpointed my lack of balance… I like throwing all of myself into everything. I run myself into the ground for the sake of completing something. Knowing this issue, I had to determine within myself how to find balance without loosing my ability to complete tasks to the best of my ability. I had to choose what I would devote myself to… I, within myself, allowed only my focus to be like a blanket, and when needed, I would narrow my focus to just one thing, not worry about anything else, and then complete my task before returning back to normal. I wonder if it will work, but if it doesn’t… I have a therapist.

You can achieve balance too. Though I am no therapist, I simply discovered a secret to finding balance: Its moment to moment. Finding balance is a series of problems we must always solve to ensure our own happiness. Need help? Seek a therapist… Not a friend with an opinion… A therapist.

Seeking therapy. Its something we can all benefit from. You don’t need to be swimming in the abyss of mental illness to have issues of your own. Having an objective voice that can aide you in helping yourself is a remarkable thing to have. So, if you desire the betterment of yourself, seek therapy.

Much love to you and yours, and may your breath always be the way you wish.



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