Fun Times in Tampa pt.1

Kaleisia Tea Lounge

This lovely little tea shop was equipped with adequate vibes, delightful vegan food, and brewed-to-order teas, which you chose from their wall of teas. It was lovely. For the non tea drinker, they had other assorted beverages, and even had specialty drinks, such as boba. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here. The food was oh so perfect. My rose petal green tea was both satisfying and refreshing. The people were chill and helpful. I will definitely go there when I visit Tampa again.

All About Puppies

This establishment is for the hurting… the emotionally torn… the bitter neighbor… We have all gathered in one place for the love of earth’s most pleasing of creatures. PUPPIES!!!!! There are so many that wish to use you as a pillow when you pick them up from their confines to nurture them. If they squirm, you can take them over to a fenced-off area to sit and play with them or watch them play with each other or include a toy. Whatever your preference, as long as its for the love of puppies, this place will satisfy you. T’was the best therapy I’ve ever had.

USF Tour via Briana Gaines

Briana did a lovely job showing me around the vast campus of USF. I truly enjoyed bringing Margot (my camera) along with me for the stroll. The place really is lovely… Tuition has to be high for some reason. It really was a pleasant place. If you’re looking for a college, try to check it out. Its a solid institution. (I’m judging solely on looks b/c)

Oishi Japanese Sushi & Hibachi Restaurant

This place was in the Channelside Plaza, which is an appropriate name. The place had nice vibes. The restaurant was riddled with ambiance and also came with some delicious food. The dining experience was satisfactory. The company was delightful. I enjoyed the meal.


Thank You Tampa. You were beautiful. Until next time.


~may your breath always be the way you wish~