The 90’s Called


“Leanne! Leanne!”


I answered… I responded to the call. This is how I chose to ‘dress up’ for Halloween this year.

The shoes are from ASOS.

The hat is from Target.

The top and the pants are thrifted.


I strongly encourage you to find your style. I honestly dressed as myself this year… Shhh. That’s a secret.

I hope you enjoy your life as I choose to enjoy mine;  wearing whatever one wishes.

I also always strongly encourage everyone to thrift shop. If you’re overwhelmed, try a smaller place, or try going with a friend.

The only other tip I’ve got for you is… Don’t skip your morning poo. Seriously, its literally a bad start to your day, and might I just say, it does indeed mean unpleasant things for one’s future.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~



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