Christmas in Florida

When a resident of the fine state that is Florida… One can only begin their holiday festivities by enjoying the eighty degree weather with a jaunt to the beach.


Continuing on with the festivities, we decided a chill spot by the chill coffee shop would be chill.


It was a lovely chat, but another jaunt was indeed a need.


We were a tad hungry, so we went on to a waffles & milkshakes place in hopes of another jaunt after the sun’s setting.


The sun did set…


I was a lovely day. This is the essence of the Christmas time in Florida. St. Augustine to see the lights is both as expensive as you choose to eat and as beautiful as you choose to behold. I very much recommend it, but if you live in Florida, you probably already know of or participate in it.

Happy Christmas everyone.

I wish you best and family love and lots of delicious eatings for your lives and for the christmas season.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~



I’m baked…

I have two easy recipes for you. Enjoy… 🙂


This beautiful panini pressed masterpiece requires a panini press, plate, a butter knife, and an empty stomach.

The ingredients are as follows:

  • baby portobello mushrooms
  • good & melty cheese (preferably mild)
  • good bread (ex. peta bread, flatbread, french bread)
  • garlic paste (or minced garlic, chopped garlic… etc.)
  • basil paste
  • balsamic vinegar
  • salt (but no salt from you to the food… only love please… I’m sorry… that was cheesy… 🙂 )
  • Also, remember to butter the surface of either the bread or the press itself

Put the pastes on the bread. Clean and chop (thinner = better) the mushrooms. Then, place on bottom bread. Salt and vinegar can go over top the mushrooms. Cheese tops off the insides, and the top bread layer completes it. Press and let the mushrooms cook fully. Enjoy:)

If you do not have a panini press: Use a frying pan and butter both sides of the bread. Treat it like a grilled cheese and ‘press’ it with a large flat spatula as the cheese melts.

You can also cook(sauté) your mushrooms first, adding the vinegar, salt, garlic, and basil to it as it cooks. Toast your bread and voila, a lovely sandwich.

Another similar recipe: Sauté the mushrooms with basil paste, garlic, salt, butter, creme, and lemon juice. Cook pasta about 70% of the time indicated by the box, then add it to the sauce. Allow the pasta to finish cooking. Not enough sauce? Add creme, salt, and pepper. Flavor not strong enough? Add more basil and garlic. Serve with bread and butter and a nice chilled beverage and… Enjoy:)


I’m baked… I mean… I baked.

I used a cookbook to do so. Since I did so, copyright reasons indicate I have no right to share the recipe with you, BUT the book is called crazy about chocolate by Krystina Castella. I made the chocolate chip brownie cookies… And may I just say… Wooooooooow.


I strongly encourage you to try stuff out in the kitchen. Start with ingredients you love to eat. Following that, read blogs or consult Pintrest or google for recipes.

Cooking for yourself is frowned upon because of the stigma about gender roles and the fact that people don’t have enough time or energy. Despite this, cooking itself is empowering and satisfying. It also saves money. You cannot cook if you do not try. Simple as that. Here’s a learners tip: your first few dishes won’t be exactly what you want them to be, but learn from what worked and what didn’t. You’ll learn and soon cook without need of recipes.


Now what you’ve all been waiting for… Some model shots of my dog.


~may your breath always be the way you wish~

The Beauty of Today.


The first thing I did after I woke up was decide that the day would be a good one. Upon this decision, I also decided that the task of making amends with my father would be a welcomed challenge. We, being the talkative type, can often speak through our problems, if frustration doesn’t cause the strife that we both have been allowing into our relation.

The beach is my family’s happy place. Its my sanctuary. I love the Earth we have been given to enjoy, and so, I enjoy it.

I encourage you to do the same. Feeling stressed? Feeling tense? Got something to ponder? Happy as can be? The beach, if you live near one, can offer you quite a bit of peace and happiness and all such things that are good and enjoyable.

The beach is a lovely place.

If you don’t live near one; find a place that brings the warm feelings of security and peace. Find a place that allows you to feel that the Earth, and by association, its inhabitants, are beautiful and capable of greatness.    The beach just happens to be that place for me. 


Another way to quell inner unhappiness, or relational unhappiness, is to partake in a delightful meal.

A lovely Cuban restaurant in Palm Coast Florida was a delight to indulge in.

“I would like the stew…? I don’t know what it is, but it seems good…”

“Oh yes, I make it, it is good.”

That was one of the many good signs I was getting from this place. I was very pleased with my meal and devoured the entire plate, cup, and pastry, ceramic and all. (I kid… but I thought about it…)

For dessert, I had guava jelly inside puff pastry, which was very delightful along side some café con leche.


After my family’s usual time-passer, shopping, we all were very tired and very content w/ each other.

I also wish to add that a thrift shop definitely managed to bring my soul happiness… but an empty feeling still lingers in my bank account.


I encourage you to love your family. I know it can be difficult at times, but if you simply choose to view them with a better perspective, they just might seem likable… maybe even lovable. If you do love your family, then show them you care. Spend time with them. Get to know them. Believe me, its very solidifying to your soul to know you are loved by, and you love, your family.


~may your breath always be the way you wish~

Am I content w/ me?

Short answer: Yes, but if you would have asked me six months ago… I would’ve said no.

I am ‘CoffeeBreath Lee’.

I am ‘Content w/ Coffee Breath’.

I am Leanne Dekrey.

I am myself, but it took me a while to get there.

Yes, I am stalling.

I got destroyed. Its a bit dramatic yes, but completely unexaggerated. I got destroyed. I contributed to the destruction almost three-fourths of the way, but not all. My parents, my brother, my past friends, my distant ones… I blame the entirety of my social existence.  I got destroyed emotionally because my social experience caused me to choose isolation over human contact… Which then led to my demise.

For a time in my life, I had the wrong relations, wrong friends, wrong religion, wrong relationships with my family. Wrong for me. Toxic. It was all toxic for me. So…

I gave myself a clean slate. During this time, I nearly lost it. HOWEVER, I never felt more capable. I, indeed, was capable of anything. I am capable of anything. I didn’t know it then though. I was in the darkest pit of depression I could ever know. I didn’t see a point… Blah blah blah… everyone says it so everyone gets it, but really. It was rough. I know I’ve mentioned this, but its important…

I got therapy. I sought help. As soon as the chocolate no longer brought a smile to my face, I knew. It was time to seek out a professional. I have come far from the girl I was at the start of the summer. I lost a lot, but…

I gained a future. My future.

If you ever need to talk or just feel like an email correspondence would be nice for your psyche, then my email is




Much love to you and yours.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~



Orlando & Friends

A collage of Briana… What a lovely being.


It was a Friday. It was with great effort. It was with great reward. Much love was felt.








Such an adventurous being…. but we ended up with this shot…



Newton park was lovely. It really was. The real reason however for our gathering would be…


Not many pictures were taken, but Sydni’s first experience with the place was honestly beautiful to behold.

Tomb of the Ancients, some Ghost town thingy, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre topped the night, but if you’ve ever been to the Universal’s scare extravaganza, then you know that simply walking around the park can be terrifying. If you don’t know, just ask Sydni… 😉

I believe we enjoyed ourselves, but that horror-night-hangover was rough… I work at 6am, sometimes 5am… Its okay you can pity me… I pity me.


~may your breath always be the way you wish~

(stay tuned for Sydni finishing a cartwheel)