Orlando & Friends

A collage of Briana… What a lovely being.


It was a Friday. It was with great effort. It was with great reward. Much love was felt.








Such an adventurous being…. but we ended up with this shot…



Newton park was lovely. It really was. The real reason however for our gathering would be…


Not many pictures were taken, but Sydni’s first experience with the place was honestly beautiful to behold.

Tomb of the Ancients, some Ghost town thingy, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre topped the night, but if you’ve ever been to the Universal’s scare extravaganza, then you know that simply walking around the park can be terrifying. If you don’t know, just ask Sydni… 😉

I believe we enjoyed ourselves, but that horror-night-hangover was rough… I work at 6am, sometimes 5am… Its okay you can pity me… I pity me.


~may your breath always be the way you wish~

(stay tuned for Sydni finishing a cartwheel)



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