Am I content w/ me?

Short answer: Yes, but if you would have asked me six months ago… I would’ve said no.

I am ‘CoffeeBreath Lee’.

I am ‘Content w/ Coffee Breath’.

I am Leanne Dekrey.

I am myself, but it took me a while to get there.

Yes, I am stalling.

I got destroyed. Its a bit dramatic yes, but completely unexaggerated. I got destroyed. I contributed to the destruction almost three-fourths of the way, but not all. My parents, my brother, my past friends, my distant ones… I blame the entirety of my social existence.  I got destroyed emotionally because my social experience caused me to choose isolation over human contact… Which then led to my demise.

For a time in my life, I had the wrong relations, wrong friends, wrong religion, wrong relationships with my family. Wrong for me. Toxic. It was all toxic for me. So…

I gave myself a clean slate. During this time, I nearly lost it. HOWEVER, I never felt more capable. I, indeed, was capable of anything. I am capable of anything. I didn’t know it then though. I was in the darkest pit of depression I could ever know. I didn’t see a point… Blah blah blah… everyone says it so everyone gets it, but really. It was rough. I know I’ve mentioned this, but its important…

I got therapy. I sought help. As soon as the chocolate no longer brought a smile to my face, I knew. It was time to seek out a professional. I have come far from the girl I was at the start of the summer. I lost a lot, but…

I gained a future. My future.

If you ever need to talk or just feel like an email correspondence would be nice for your psyche, then my email is




Much love to you and yours.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~





  1. Hey love! I know we don’t talk anymore, my Dad kinda kicked me out years ago without warning—so unfortunately it was almost impossible to say goodbye to any of the neighbors. That elephant in the room aside—I just wanted to say that it’s so amazingly beautiful, to see how enlightened you are in the present-day. It might sound over-dramatic, but when I discovered your blog and your YouTube a few weeks ago, I began to cry, because it’s amazing to see how awake and aware you are. It just makes me so proud that I was ever able to call myself your friend or neighbor.

    I feel like I can really relate to you in recent years—in terms of becoming isolated, confused with my own existence, and just all around lost. I feel like it’s something many people experience, but few are able to fully express in an intellectual manner. Thank you for being that rare individual—for having such a way with words, and being able to express yourself so genuinely. It’s the most beautiful thing a person can do I think, and you’re a true spokesperson of the soul.

    I am just so stinkin happy for you, for claiming your life as your own and seeking the absolute higher truth of it all. I also never realized how amazing and perceptive of a voice you have. I really just feel like you’re one of those very rare people that’s actually going to make a difference in this world—and my gratitude towards you for that will never end. Again, I’m so grateful our paths already crossed in this lifetime—and hopefully one day they will cross again. You’re just a once-in-a-lifetime kinda person like that. Sending you all the love and respect that this universe has to offer, you blindingly beautiful soul. I’m so happy for you.

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